Awaken Your Greatness During Hard Times With Meditation

Have times become tough and everyone around you just enjoys testing your patience while you suffer inside? Perhaps you have some long-term trauma or financially can’t make it through the day.

Finding inspiration to meditate during hard times can be tough, but practising meditation will bring you clarity and wisdom.

Being able to embrace calm in the face of opposition is the key to shifting your energetic vibration from one of self-doubt to embracing your divinity.

What Is Meditation?

Meditation is a meeting with self. A time to give your thoughts the silent treatment and go inside and explore your true greatness.

Are you the one that always says yes to others? Do you often times forego your needs to please others?

Meditation is an opportunity to observe how you are a co-creator of your current reality. It’s about becoming fully present in the moment and be aware of your current thoughts, feeling and surroundings.

Meditation can happen while you eat, walk, drive or speak.

It’s a gift from Divine source to shut out all the distractions and find stillness in the midst of chaos and observe the hardships you’ve already overcome.

Awaken Your Greatness

You have an everlasting potential and as long as you have air in your lungs you have an opportunity to transform your life and live your dreams today.

When you become mindful of the reality that your current situation isn’t about you versus the other. It’s about you versus yourself.

Life is a fight for territory and once you start fighting for what you want, what you don’t want will automatically start to wither away.

Everyone has ups and downs. Are you going to keep allowing your past to control your present? No matter how hard something is, you have a choice. The best choice is to face the truth. Blaming others will only keep you stuck where you are.

Face the darkness of your past like the true warrior that you are because on the other side of suffering is greatness.

It’s a beautiful challenge. Where we can mindfully embrace our pain and transform it into a project to overcome. Use it as fuel to give you the motivation needed to rise above whatever you’re facing.

Meditate like it’s your job. How? Everyday you show up to work with the intention of sustaining an income. Show up everyday for your meditation practice and do the work because your energy is your currency.

When you meditate, you’ll come to realise that every obstacle you face is actually a test from the Divine Source. Adopting a daily meditation practice will bring you the wisdom to take control of your thoughts and cultivate the calm needed to face every storm.

You could take the easy way out and go to a healer and expect them to fix you. In reality, the healer just opens the door so that what was blocking you is now in front of you. When you do the work and become your own healer with a relentless mindset, you’ll create an unshakeable foundation to transform every negative into a positive with ease and grace.

During those times when you are stumbling through the waters of doubt and fear, you have to make a commitment and take the responsibility to show up for yourself with the belief that today I will become a victor not a victim.

Mistakes will happen. Use them as an opportunity to learn and grow. The day you decide to invest in yourself is the first step towards walking in your greatness.

To learn about how to awaken your greatness, you can join one of our trainings or courses with Punnu. It’s fun and it’s transformational.

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