Why You Should Spend More Time Alone

Let’s be honest, we live in a noisy world. So where does the modern soul retreat to cultivate inner awareness and allow the true self to become audible? In this article we’ll explore how silence and solitude can bring you closer to your inner Divine.

When was the last time you embraced silence and allowed your true authentic self to spring forth? Is there a fear of what the silence of aloneness will reveal?
The reality is that you’re never alone.

Did you know that the Divine draws near when you’re in the solitude of your heart? This inner engineering towards self-knowledge fosters healthy relationships with yourself and the outside world.

Meditation and the Art of Listening

Many people struggle to attain peace of mind. So how can meditation bridge the gap between our thoughts and emotions to create love, compassion and mindfulness?

Daily our minds become polluted with all the outer noise. Goals to achieve, expectations set by our culture, family and ourselves. Mobile phones and social media distracting you from meeting yourself.

You can change how you think and feel with the fertile silence of awareness. Silence is the poets of the Divine. Sadly, silence is an endangered species. Humans are so busy being some place else. Finding the time and space for listening is essential to nurturing our inner nature.

Cultivating a meditation practice allows you to observe all the chatter with compassion.

You hear the presence of everything. Like a sculptor, silence is an opportunity to chisel away all the excess material so that our authentic essence – our inner Divine – can be experienced.

When was the last time you enjoyed a quiet brisk walk in nature with another without a need to fill the void?

Meditation is not only about being in a seated posture. We can meditate and embrace the art of listening while communing with others in silence.

Meditation, Surrender and the Divine

Believe it or not, the Divine is always present. It’s closer to you than your own breath. Culture has taught us to look outside of ourselves into the cosmos for a connection that seems out of reach.

The only ticket you need to reach the Divine is to go inward. Pure and sincere intent is the key to unlock the door.

Life has conditioned you to put on a certain face when dealing with the human world. But there is no one who knows you more than yourself than the Divine. Because the Divine is you.

And the Divine is not blind. It sees everything that you’re going through. Embrace your authentic self. This is why solitude and silence are important. It allows the Divine’s hum become audible.

Developing a deep rooted sense of self-knowledge grows as you realise that the mind is difficult to tame. The more you surrender, you stop letting the judgements, opinions, fears or worries run the conversation. Observe those thoughts with compassion and bring your attention back to the voice of the Divine.

The more you return, the more your awareness of the Divine becomes apparent. Solutions will arise more easily.

As your practice grows, you discover that happiness, joy and wisdom has always been there inside you. And the intimate connection you’re looking to have with you inner Divine is available at any given moment.

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