Active Consciousness Meditation

Unlocking the Power of Now

Mondays, Wednesdays & Sundays, 5:00-6:30pm
The Yoga Barn in Ubud, Bali

Active Consciousness Meditation is an ancient and powerful method for chakra purification. This practice combines rhythmic, controlled breathing with focused meditation on the seven primary chakras. Through this process, it purifies the energy pathways, releasing concealed emotions, obstructions, and old hurts while simultaneously activating the chakras. The culmination of these efforts elevates one's state of consciousness, promoting a profound sense of bodily and spiritual well-being, fostering a profound sense of unity and completeness.


Meditation is a practice that encompasses various techniques, all designed to promote mental clarity, emotional well-being, and overall relaxation. Whether through focused attention, controlled breathing, or guided imagery, meditation allows individuals to attain a state of heightened awareness and inner peace. These techniques help in reducing stress, improving concentration, enhancing self-awareness, increasing sleep quality, and fostering a sense of calm. Regular meditation practice has been demonstrated to promote overall physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, making it a valuable tool for holistic well-being.

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The first time I did the Active Consciousness Meditation class at the Yoga Barn with Punnu I was blown away. I was not expecting to go so deep, so quickly. I thought, “Ahh, Meditation, I’ll go and relax.” I had no idea I would be using breathing techniques to help me get to my centre, and in doing so closer to my true Self. The physical and energetic effects are intense, and immediate.

Erick Joseph, USA