Spiritual Awakening Course

Old Ways Won't Open New Doors

October 12 & 13, 2024
9:00am–1:00pm & 2:00pm–7:00pm
Pure Yoga

Experience a life-changing course of powerful teachings and transformative healing processes. Boost your growth on all levels as you shift your consciousness with respect to prosperity and abundance in all aspects of your life. Find fulfilment and peace of mind through profound teachings. Meditate to cleanse the energy body and break down blockages to release old and/or negative habit patterns that no longer serve you.

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10 Areas Of Your Life Transformed

Punnu's Spiritual Awakening Course is a journey towards inner mastery. Discover doors inside of you that have remained locked but continue to influence your external world. As a result, you'll begin to experience more bliss, peace and synchronicity in your daily life.

This course taps into ten key areas of your life. Guided meditations will help you identify root causes and how to release those unwanted blockages. By the end of the course you'll have transformed the way you think, feel and respond to life's daily challenges.

Course Content

Taking Responsibility

The most important aspect of taking responsibility for your life… is to acknowledge that your life is your responsibility. No one can live your life for you. You are in charge. No matter how hard you try to blame others for the events in your life, each event is the result of choices you made and are making. Therefore, taking responsibility for your actions requires the understanding that you play a part in every situation or experience and have some degree of responsibility over the outcomes or consequences.

Understanding The Law Of The Unconscious Mind

One major force that affects your successes in life is the law of the unconscious mind. In this course, you will learn about the nature of the unconscious mind and how it plays the role of either aligning you to the higher consciousness or de-aligning to the lower consciousness.

Knowing The Mantra Of Life - Tapping Into The Secrets And Potentials Of The Universe

Knowing the Mantra of Life activates deeper hidden potentials within you. Get a better understanding of the two different states of consciousness that you live in as well as how you respond or react given a positive or negative situation in life.

Personal Growth And Growth In All Spheres Of Life

With every experience of life, each human being is either growing or degenerating. It is not possible to say - “I am happy as I am” or “I want to be here always” as there is no state of stagnation. If you stagnate you would soon begin to degenerate. Personal growth is a choice and an important part of your growth, maturity, success and happiness. It is the process by which you recognise yourself and continually develop yourself to reach your full potential.

Learning A Powerful Meditation To Unlock Your Potential

Active Consciousness Meditation is an ancient and very powerful chakra clearing meditation. This practice involves a blend of rhythmic fast breathing and meditation on the seven main chakras. The process cleanses the energy channels, washes out hidden emotions, blockages, and activates the chakras, which raise your level of consciousness. This makes your body blissful and results in a feeling of wholeness.

Healing Relationships With Your Parents And Inner Child

Relationships are not part of your life… but life is relationships. Among all your relationships, the most important one is your relationship with your parents… whether they are alive or not, whether you are living with them or you are maintaining a distance from them, it does not matter. Your relationship with your parents determines your relationship with everybody else thereafter. If you have an unsettled relationship with your mother, you might go through needless obstacles, health issues and/or love relationships issues. If you have an unsettled relationship with your father, you might go through financial problems, have issues with work and your spiritual journey comes to a halt. If any one of these relationships is not alright, then the whole experience of life itself is not all right, and life becomes divisive, perceptions begin to get distorted, and you lose connection. You lose Oneness. So many of us believe that the best way to deal with a relationship or heal a relationship is to cut a relationship. We believe if we are physically separate, that is the best way to deal with it. But we have to understand that our parents do not live outside of us, they live inside of us and we live inside of them. There is a very simple and effective way to heal any relationship and to allow for forgiveness to fully take place.

Learning The Art Of Parenting And Healing Relationships With Children

The parent-child relationship is one of the strongest of human bonds. It is our first relationship and the most dependent – babies and children are entirely reliant on their parents. As we grow, parents teach us everything we know, for better or worse. Learning the art of parenting is all about how to raise well adjusted children who are empathic, loving, free, and happy.

Families that play together, meditate together and eat together, have a tendency to stay together.

Healing Relationships With Your Partner, Ex-Partner(s) And Attracting The Right Partner Into Your Life

Extraordinary and loving relationships do not come to you because you are lucky. Loving, long-lasting, meaningful, healthy relationships are the results of clarity, consistent work and determination. Discover the secrets to create a truly extraordinary relationship.


Your Higher Self wants expansion and fuller expression. To increase in every aspect of life is what all people are seeking - it is the urge of the spiritual essence within us to find fuller expression. It is the law of nature. If you let the higher side of your nature naturally unfold, your relationships will improve and you will feel better in every aspect.

Connection With Your Higher Self And Experiencing Total And Unconditional Freedom From The Suffering Of The Mind

"A happy individual creates a happy world and an unhappy individual only creates misery around."

Within each and everyone of us, there is a seed of spirit, a pure energy waiting to be discovered. This energy is part of the universal source - the cosmic consciousness and is also your individual Higher Self which is a bridge between you and the universe. This seed of spirit is not hidden, yet it does need to be cultivated and built upon for it to come into its full potential. This process of connecting with your Higher Self is a powerful and transformative process which gifts causeless joy within you.

Meet Your Trainer

Punnu Wasu was born and raised in India into a family that has a true love for Kirtan and spirituality. Punnu’s interest in spirituality, healing and meditation formed in his early years as he was influenced by his father and other Indian masters. He has studied a variety of different spiritual practices and holistic healing modalities across India and beyond.

He shares his profound knowledge and rich experience of over 35 years in his meditation classes, workshops, Meditation Teacher Trainings, Advanced Meditation Trainings, Yoga Nidra Teacher Trainings, Spiritual Courses & private counselling on a global scale.


Full Workshop

Early-Bird Offer: HK$ 3'200 (ends August 9, 2024)
Regular Price: HK$ 4'000

Daily Drop-in: One-Day Session HK$ 2'000

Open to both PURE Cardholders and Non-PURE Cardholders

Further Information

Please try and get ample amounts of rest after each session. This Spiritual Awakening Course is powerful work, so making the time and space to integrate the matter is a gift to yourself.

What To Bring
Comfortable clothes, notebook, pen, eye blinder, reusable water bottle.

The workshop is open for everyone. No experience is required.

Punnu teaches in English.

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Punnu’s Spiritual Awakening Course is the perfect jump start to life’s greatest journey — the journey to Self Love.

I have taken this course over a dozen times because I absolutely love the content… AND because each time I go through the 10 Steps, I align to my higher consciousness in a new way.

Since I began my work with Punnu in 2018, I have completely evolved my being and how I work in the world. I finally feel like I am my true self.

In a world that often feels so disconnected, I wholeheartedly believe this is THE course for those seeking to deepen their connection to this amazing experience called Life.