Crystal Healing Bed

What Is Crystal Healing Bed?

Crystal bed therapy is a multisensory, meditative experience that takes crystal energy to the next level.

Crystal bed therapy typically involves lying on a bed that rests under a giant copper pyramid suspended in the air and a chromotherapy machine, which uses crystals to filter spectrums of light onto each of your chakras. Each colour is thought to target a specific meridian, or energy centre, in the body.

The Crystal Bed combines the power of Colour Therapy and Crystal Healing Therapy. This energy stream produces beneficial stimulation on many physical and energetic levels of being. As the colour is transmitted through the crystal onto the corresponding chakra, the chakra is cleansed, energized, and brought into balance with all of the other chakras. This allows the other aspects of our self, whether it be mental, emotional or physical, to be brought into balance.

For when the chakras are out of balance, all the other aspects of our self will also be out of balance. Then, as these subtle energies are brought into balance, the body’s own natural healing mechanisms are able to function as they were designed to do. The Crystal Bed Healing cleanses, balances and recharges the body’s energy and creates a deep relaxation. It is also a great preventative modality.

Crystal Bed Therapy Origins
The Crystal Healing Bed was channelled to medium – John of God, who uses it in his spiritual healing centre at the Casa de Dom Ignacio in Abadiania, Brazil. It has 7 clear and highly polished cut quartz crystals above the person lying on a massage table. Each of the quartz crystals has been cut to a specific frequency and is aligned above one of the seven main chakras individually.

Coloured lights, chosen to match the vibrational frequency of chakra colours, radiate light and energy through the crystals to each respective chakra and shine on and off in certain rhythms to cleanse, balance, and align ones energy fields which in turn aids in the process of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing. The person receiving the session rests face up with eyes closed, bathing in the energy.

What You Might Experience
The crystals can evoke feelings of peace and serenity, and typically a very deep relaxation. You may simply fall asleep and wake up feeling very refreshed and rejuvenated. You may experience insights and release of specific personal issues and memories. You may have feelings of numbness, warmth, movement, expansion, cleansing, all manner of body sensations or a feeling of being touched. Some people feel sensations of physical healing taking place. Your awareness may even extend beyond yourself to higher states of consciousness.

Preparing For A Crystal Bed Session
For best results, please wear comfortable white or light coloured clothing, no metal jewellery and crystals. Maintain an attitude of openness, receptivity, and create a clear mind. It helps to spend some time preparing for your session with quiet reflection or meditation so that you can come with a specific intention for your own healing physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually.

Benefits Of Crystal Healing Bed
Healing can occur on many different levels, spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. Many people who have had Crystal Bed Healing sessions have reported some of the following: cleanse, clear & raise the vibration of chakras, balance & harmonise of chakras and receive inner peace, deep relaxation, calm mind, clear thoughts & the ability to focus, lift blockages of chakras, release negative emotions, feeling of being energised, pain reduction, better sleep, stress reduction and anxiety reduction.

Every person who receives a Crystal Healing Bed session reports a different effect, each experience being relevant and unique to his/her own condition, needs, and level of awareness. Many people who have experienced the Crystal Bed also feel themselves in an altered state after a session. Each experience is unique and totally individual.

Crystal Healing Bed Aftercare
It is recommended for the individual to rest when needed and limit heavy physical activity to fully absorb the experience and allow the body to adjust. For the next 24 hours you are encouraged to drink a lot of water to continue the releasing and clearing process begun in the Crystal Bed session. Be sure you are grounded before you leave the room. The healing will continue to deepen throughout the day.

Who Should Not Use A Crystal Bed?
The only 2 situations where use of the Crystal Bed is not advised are for pregnant women and people who have a pacemaker. Children under 12 are only given sessions of max. 20 minutes.

Are There Any Crystal Bed Session Side Effects
No. There are no side effects because light and colour therapy do not damage the body. However, you may experience a healing reaction. Healing reactions are an expression of the body ridding itself of toxins.

Punnu’s interest in spirituality, healing and meditation formed in his early years as he was influenced by his father and other Indian masters. He has studied a variety of different spiritual practices and holistic healing modalities in India, Philippines, Russia, Indonesia and USA.

Punnu is a Grand Master in Reiki and has over 30 years of experience. He offers various holistic healing modalities on a daily basis and teaches Reiki training (Level I – Grand Master in the tradition of Dr Mikao Usui Sensei) on a regular basis.

When booking a private appointment with Punnu, you can request a specific modality.

Private Session
Duration: 60 minutes
Price: USD 250/EUR 220/CHF 230